Now Streaming: Senna


It’s Friday, that means you’re at home thinking about what to do tonight (probably).  If that’s the case, check out this week’s edition of Now Streaming!

I don’t have a very strong interest in documentaries, or racing.  This film changed my mind, and it will change yours too…

Senna (2010)


I was completely unaware of the story of Aryton Senna before I saw this film, and now I can’t forget it.  As usual, I don’t want to write too much about this film, because the less you know going in, the better.  Senna was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and quickly became a rising talent in the world of kart racing, before becoming a major star of Formula One.  Like all great documentaries, this one features some incredible footage.  The highlights include footage from the drivers’ helmet cameras recorded during the actual races.  If you’ve ever wanted to experience the exhilaration these drivers feel while they are racing, look no further than these scenes. 

The most compelling element of the film is Senna himself.  The film chronicles a man who was never driven by fame or money, but his own genuine passion of racing.  Through all of his ups and downs, Senna never forgot where he came from, and his devotion to his people as well as his faith.  Senna is the story of a man who struggled to stand up for what he truly believed in, even when he faced immense opposition.  This is an emotionally powerful film, and it reminds us all that there are still heroes among us.


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