AMC Centerpoint Opens in Tempe

Hello all, it’s Nate,

This weekend, Roger and I had the chance to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the new AMC Centerpoint theater on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  A few years back a Harkins theater occupied that space until it closed, and it was also where I spent many weekends watching movies after dinners, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that a new AMC theater was going to take its place.  Check out some of the pictures from our adventure!


IMG_0516The front entrance and box-office of the theater.

IMG_0517There are auditoriums on the first and second floor of the building.  The stairs and escalator to take you to the second floor auditoriums.

IMG_0519The layout of the building is almost entirely unchanged from its previous iteration, except the upstairs concession stand has been removed.

IMG_0525It appears we are going to have many unlimited free drink refills.

IMG_0530Every auditorium is filled with leather reclining seats.  The aisles seemed even wider than the AMC Esplanade theater, which features the same seating.

We spoke with an employee who informed us that the building is working on receiving it’s liquor license, at which time they will begin construction on a bar that will serve many varieties of wine and beer, guaranteeing my return.  I am a huge fan of the AMC Esplanade Fork and Screen theater, so it’s great to see that a version of that product is making its way a little closer to where I live.  That’s it for now, be sure to check out our review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier on our next podcast coming soon!


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