BeerLife: Fall 2014


Welcome back to BeerLife!  This is the Fall 2014 Edition of our seasonal beer tasting, with special guest host The Beer Czar.  We had a great time getting familiar with some choice seasonal beers that you can find locally wherever beer is sold.  As always, the BeerLife podcast is for all beer fans to enjoy, wether you are a craft beer enthusiast or the guy who only drinks Coors Light, we welcome everyone!  Follow the link below for the podcast, the beer list, and photos from the event!




The Beers:
Flipside Red IPA by Sierra Nevada
Big Leaf Maple Autumn Red by Anchor Brewing
Oktoberfest Lager by San Tan Brewing
Dark, Rich, and Sexy Porter by Founders Brewing
Best Brown Ale by Bell’s Brewery

Be sure to pick up these beers, drink along with us on the podcast, and let us know what you think!

We would like to thank our guest host Ken Morrison, The Beer Czar!  Be sure to follow all his adventures at

And of course, thanks to our guest panel which included our friends, Bri of, Jesus, Kevin, Sheila, and Sabrina.





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