Podcast Ep. 21: Pulp Fiction Forever

pulp-fiction1Tonight on the FilmLife podcast we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s indie classic Pulp Fiction!  We are joined by our good friend Bri as we dissect and discuss everything about Pulp Fiction including our first exposures to the movie, and our interpretations of the story.  What is the true theme behind the disconnected narrative of the film?  What makes it so significant, even to this day?  Listen now to find out!

Pat takes us through the news of Iron Man’s inclusion in Captain America 3, and the start of the Marvel Civil War.  Also, we pick apart the recently announced release dates for Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC films, including TWO Justice League movies, and standalone Aquaman and Wonder Woman features.

At around the 60 minute mark in the podcast we all watched an unsettling one-minute horror film titled Tuck Me In, we embedded the YouTube video below so you can watch it along with us.



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