Should You Return: A Short Film


I debated publishing this film online, but when I saw that my classmates had shared their films online, I decided to do the same.

I was tasked to write, produce, direct, and edit a short film that needed to have a five minute runtime, no exception.  A great deal of planning went into this film, and in the end my crew and I were able to overcome some of the obstacles that can pop up during production, and the film was completed on schedule.  I had lots of help from my fellow FilmLife crew Roger and Pat, and also Bri, Jesus, Sabrina, my brother Leonard, and our actor Vince.  If they hadn’t helped out, there was no way this film could have been completed on time.

So here’s the first production that all three members of the FilmLife crew were involved in, and hopefully you enjoy it.  I am already planning my next film assignment which will be due in the Spring so keep an eye out for that.  After this experience I’m sure Patrick, Roger, and I will be creating more films of our own in the future, and releasing them right here.

Thanks for watching.

(Click here to watch the film in HD on the Vimeo website)


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