Photos: Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square

The movie theater experience is evolving. If you live in the Phoenix area you may already be accustomed to similar theater chains that offer more than just a movie screen and a concession stand, but now Harkins has debuted their version of a luxury theater. I visited the new Camelview at Fashion Square and I’m happy to report that the theater is a home run for Harkins and audiences. Follow the link below for photos and more!


The new Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square effectively replaces the Camelview 5 theater that closed late last year. The new Camelview offers a full bar with local beers on tap and a café serving desserts and espresso drinks, in addition to the traditional Harkins concessions.









The logo printed on the plastic cups and wine glasses is an elegant touch. From what I understand, people are welcome to enjoy the bar even if they don’t plan on staying for a movie.



Inside the auditoriums you’ll find reclining leather seats, extra wide aisles, and a newly designed interior, providing a cozy, yet spacious feel. While you are permitted to bring any snack or beverage (alcohol included) purchased at the lobby in to the auditorium, Harkins will not feature in-theater service at this time.


Movie clips are projected near the bar, which nicely compliments the classic posters that scroll along the walls. On this night, Roman Holiday was featured.


Harkins already offers a number of theaters throughout the valley with an exceptional moviegoing experience, but if you like the idea of enjoying your movie with some added amenities, this is the place for you. And with the promise of continuing the Camelview tradition of showcasing independent films, this is a theater I’ll be sure to frequent in the future.

P.S. When you’re walking through the auditorium halls, be sure to look up.


One thought on “Photos: Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square

  1. Giang Le February 10, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    CV logo and all signage in the theatre by yours truly!

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