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FilmLife is a podcast all about movies. Hosts Nathan De Leon and Patrick Lahaie bring their lifelong love of film to each lively conversation, whether it’s reviews, in-depth analysis, or arguments over which Back to the Future movie was the best (the first one, obviously). If you’re way into movies (of course you are), or can’t tell the difference between Paul Thomas Anderson and Paul WS Anderson, it doesn’t matter, we have plenty of content to keep you entertained, informed, and amused. Forever.

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Nate studied filmmaking at Arizona State University, a goal he’s had since he first watched Batman Returns in theaters. In addition to directing and writing, Nate is always willing to strike up a conversation and discuss movies of all kind. The quickest way to Nate’s heart is to quote or reference any of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, or Martin Scorsese. The only thing he enjoys more than movies is breakfast foods. He’s binge-watched “Frasier” three times through, and “King of the Hill” five times. His love of Nintendo and Star Wars has remained undeterred since childhood. He has only recently discovered that eating sweets before bed will, in fact, not give you nightmares. Nate has another podcast you should check out, Movies Never Made, also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.


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You wanna know something cool about Patrick? He used to act out the coke lab shootout scene in “Robocop” when he was just 5-years old. After all the screaming and endless banter, Patrick has a soft side that everyone can relate to, as long as you have an extra hour for him to explain to you why he is right. Along with having the biggest film collection out of the podcast team, Patrick will always strive to better his film knowledge by researching and constantly reading on current topics and film-related news worldwide. Think you can stump Patrick with quotes from “The Goonies” or “Friends”? Doubtful. If you want to read about what this cool cat is thinking about, give him a follow if you love film and video games.


Our former full-time co-host, Roger’s hobbies include romantic comedies, and watching them alone. If you happen to be at a karaoke bar and hear a grown man singing “A Whole New World,” then be sure to take a look… It just might be Roger.  Roger is FilmLife’s television enthusiast, so if you mention “Scrubs” or “Game of Thrones” he would enjoy that very much.



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