Podcast: Game of Thrones Season 6 Recap


Game of Thrones continues to prove that it is one of the most expertly produced shows in television history. Tonight we discuss season six of the ubiquitous HBO series, and break down some of the most intense moments and wildest surprises from the final two episodes: “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter”. Listen now, then write a review of our podcast on iTunes! Before the army of the dead comes!



Podcast: Our Movie Firsts


Remember the first time you went to the movies? What about the first time you took a date to a movie? Or the first time you saw an R-rated movie? We all have memories and stories associated with trips to the movies, and today we tell ours! As always, please be sure to write a review of our podcast on iTunes, and send us an email for a free FilmLife podcast sticker–it’ll give you strange powers.

FilmLife Gaming Episode 0: The Life and Death of Soul Calibur

Hey everyone! Patrick here and boy do I have a treat for you. I’ve been super excited to bring you the first episode of FilmLife Gaming where I play video games with friends in amazing fashion. Our first episode I bring on longtime guest host Tony “The Pab” Uebersohn for an ultimate beat down of Soul Calibur. Join us for the insane shenanigans and laugh your ass off!

Podcast: Deadpool Review


Marvel’s Deadpool is a rousing success, critically and commercially. The film was an enormous risk for the studio, but the obscene language and non-stop action was ultimately embraced by audiences, breaking major records in it’s opening weekend. Has the success of Deadpool just changed the future of comic book movies? Listen now to find out!

After you listen to the episode, have a seat, grab a chimichanga, and write a review of the podcast on iTunes.


Robocop: How Violence Has Shaped an Era and What’s Changed

It’s a nice 70 degree sunny day in La Vista, Nebraska as my mother gathers her things and leaves for the store. I rush up to my father who is sitting watching TV, “Can we watch it? Can I put the movie in?” I shout. My father smiles, “Well, since your mother is gone, let’s do it!” I run over to the entertainment center and file through all of our VHS tapes, most of them in black cases and not their original covers. I pop the VHS into the VCR and sit back with my father as the opening city shot of Detroit (which is actually Dallas) and then the title of the film comes on in metallic form: ROBOCOP. This film truly captivated my love for film without my knowing until I became much older and attended Arizona State University to study film. As raw and violent it may have been back in 1987, this film was not only a stepping stone for director Paul Verhoeven, but brought the conversation about violence and ethics in film to the forefront.

Dead or Alive you’re coming with me!

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